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Pinot Noir Connoisseur

Pinot Noir Connoisseur

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Take a deep dive into the Dobbes Pinot Noir portfolio with this 6-bottle collection. From personality-driven, multi-vineyard blends to single vineyard showstoppers, this set is the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates Pinot Noir.  Our single vineyard selections from Symonette and DUX vineyards juxtapose a dark-fruited, brambly style of Pinot (Symonette) with high-toned red fruits (DUX).  Our McMinnville Cuvée exemplifies the depth and complexity characteristic of this AVA, while Patricia’s Cuvée epitomizes beauty, allure, and opulence. 


2018 McMinnville Cuvée Pinot Noir (2 bottles) 

2018 Patricia’s Cuvée Pinot Noir (2 bottles) 

2018 Symonette Vineyard Pinot Noir (1 bottle) 

2019 DUX Vineyard Pinot Noir (1 bottle)

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